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Fearless Happyness Podcast

Feb 15, 2023

Living An Exhilarated Life with Alberta Jordan.

As Mong Tzu, a great Chinese philosopher, once said, "When the universe intends to glorify an individual, she must first go through extraordinary hardship in body, mind, and spirit. Then she will be ready to take on great tasks."

This sums up Alberta's life in a nutshell. Alberta is a trauma survivor and has lived through sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse, and then suffered a medical trauma – a brain hemorrhage. Yet, Alberta overcame these obstacles and more while raising two children.

Alberta is a dynamic divorce coach who helps trauma survivors navigate life post-divorce. She is the CEO of Exhilarated Life, LLC. The specialized programs at Exhilarated life guide and empower trauma survivors post-divorce so they can bounce back POWERFULLY, CONFIDENTLY, WHOLE, and MORE PURPOSEFULLY.

Alberta had been coaching for some 20+ years before focusing solely on trauma survivors. Working in a plastic surgery clinic is where it became most evident to her that coaching would be a fulfilling path. Alberta states, "I naturally found myself coaching trauma survivors who either suffered a major burn, had lost a limb, or felt defeated in trying to lose the weight they needed to qualify for surgery. I engaged clients to help them see their possibilities, and as a result, they became energized, visualized & achieved their goals, and became repeat customers." Alberta states, "I have lived through trauma. I am living my best life now and want to help you do the same!"

Alberta is a Chicago, IL native but has settled in Memphis, TN, for the past 13 years. She obtained her first business degree at Robert Morris University in Chicago, IL. Her second was at Belmont University in Nashville, IL. Finally, she received her master's in Healthcare Administration at the University of Memphis in Memphis, TN.

Alberta is a certified coach through the Academy of Creative Coaching. She is well-traveled and the proud mother of two delicious young men. They reside in Memphis, TN, with their happy-go-lucky cat, Socks!

Listen in as we discuss Alberta's challenges and how she rose from the ashes to find and live her FEARLESS HAPPYNESS!!